What Pet Do You Want?

Many different pets

OZ Pets is designed for people who would like to start caring for animals as their pet. This website will tell you how to start and what pets are suitable for you, what to expect from these animals, the benefits of having pets, and a lot of more.

Before you have pets, ask yourself if you really want them. Pets need a caring owner and a dedicated one. You must set an extra hour of your time each day for feeding, grooming and play time. You must have enough resources because you have to provide those foods and vitamins, buy pet accessories, and bring them to veterinary for check up and to complete the vaccinations required.  You must have patience because some pets are messy and others are noisy in the house. If you are renting in an apartment or living on a condo, check if they will allow you to have some pets.

OZ Pets is vehemently opposed to the idea of any type of dog invisible fence devices. OZ Pets is currently aligned with Ban Shock Collars

for the general outlawing of these types of devices worldwide. We are engaged in talks with groups we have received numerous phone calls in support of our cause and appreciate all support and donations.

If you think you pass the above qualifications, then you can proceed to what type of pets do you want to own. Here in OZ Pets, we have a variety of animals that you could choose from. We have hybrid dogs and cats, birds, fresh and sea water fish, rabbits, hamsters. We have exotic animals like reptiles, spiders, and so on. We also have pet accessories for all these animals such as cages, aquariums, dog collars, toys for pets, grooming and bathing products and a lot of more. Also available are training materials for dogs and birds, books and videos for taking care and proper handling of these animals.

When having pets, you must know what kind of pet you want because animals have their own personality. Here are some list of animals and their characteristics.

  1. Dogs are friendly. If you want to have some fun in your home, take a dog. Dogs are good-natured animals if enough care and love is given to them. They are loyal to their master and will protect you in case of danger. They are good guards especially at night. They are good to children too as long as you tell your children to treat them kindly. Dogs has a lot of energy especially young ones and they do bite when they get excited or when agitated, so watch your children when playing with your dogs. Make sure that your dogs have completed their anti-rabbis vaccines to avoid rabies infection which is deadly.
  2. Cats are sweet and quiet. They just love to sleep anywhere. They are playful also, especially young ones and curious with anything that crawls. They hunt rats and insects as part of their instinct. They are easy to keep since their food consumption is minimal. Unlike dogs, they don’t have destructive behavior so your house is safe from disaster. The problem with cats is their liter which is very foul-smelling.
  3. Birds are great pets especially the talking ones. People love birds because of their attractive colors, but they are noisy especially cockatoos. Their beaks are sharp so be careful when handling them because they also bite hard.
  4. Fish are relaxing and has therapeutic effect on others. Salt water fish are much attractive than fresh water, but they are hard to keep. If you want to try fish, start with small aquariums and smaller fish. Fish are delicate pets, but as you progress they are easy to keep. You can have your fish in your ponds, which can serve as attraction in your garden. The problem with fish is the clean-up which is sometimes tedious.
  5. Rats, rabbits and hamster are cute. Feeding them is not a problem at all. They are not hard to keep, but since their life span is short they don’t last among pets enthusiast.

There are many benefits we can have from our pets, and they are as follows:

  1. Pets are good companions especially trained ones. Most people who live alone have pets in their house. Some people talk to their pets even if they do not understand what is said. They also protect you from danger.
  2. It keeps you closer to nature. If you are living in the city where almost all you see are buildings, with the presence of your pets you can see virtual places of its habitat.
  3. They are also good for business. If breeding your pets, you can sell them to other people. Pets are expensive and you can get high profits from them.
  4. You can win friends. People get attracted to those who have pets. You can also join groups and share ideas with them about your pets.
  5. Pets have a therapeutic effect. Stress from work can cause some health problems, but after a long day’s work, seeing or playing with them can help us forget the worries we have even for a short time

All these information and more are available on OZ Pets. You can check some more updates about your pets here on your next visit.